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Antique Table Light

Pair of girandoles,3 lights with white and amethyst crystal drops,bronze,France 19th Dimensions: 33..

Antique Table Light

Pair of girandoles,2 lights with white crystal drops,bronze,France 1930 Dimensions: 32x35Weight: 39..

Antique Wall Light

Hollandaise set of wall lights,EnglandDimensions: 33x24x15Weight: 1200gr...

Antique Wall Light

Empire style wall lights, bronze, France 1800Dimensions: 28x35x17Weight: 1800gr...

Antique Wall Light

Tuscany set of wall lights,ItalyDimensions: 28x53x13Weight: 1100gr...

Antique Wall Light

Pair of bronze Tuscan wall lights,ItalyDimensions: 30x28x14Weight: 1500gr...

Antique Wall Light, Italy, 1890

Elaborate floral Italian bronze wall lightItaly Tuscany, 1890Bronze, electrical cable attached at la..

Pair of Antique Candlesticks

Pair of Antique CandlesticksChinese Porcelain 1900's Fruit Enamel CandlesticksDimensions: 9x24..

Pair of Candelabra, France, 19th C

A beautiful pair of gilded antique French floral candelabra.Louis XVI style 19th Century pieceFigure..

Pair of Tuscan Wall Bronze Wall Lights, circa 1890

Pair of bronze Tuscan wall lights, ,ItalyDimensions: 8x41x15Weight: 1800gr...

Standing Lamp

Victorian wooden standing lamp, EnglandDimensions: 38x173Weight: 5400gr...

Table Light

Table lamp from old bottle and handmade shadeDimensions: 54x85Weight: 6500gr...