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Antique Console

Antique console with patina paintDimensions: 135x80x30..

Antique Window-Vitrine

Hand painted patina old window/vitrineDimensions: 55x100x15..

Canvas Panel

canvas panelDimensions: 100x77Weight: 700gr...

Canvas Panel

canvas panelDimensions: 82x63Weight: 1000gr...

Canvas Panel

canvas panelDimensions: 53x53Weight: 350gr...

Canvas Panel

canvas panelDimensions: 53x53Weight: 350gr...

Ceramic Wall Clock

Ceramic wall clockDimensions: 31x31Weight: 2000gr...


Chair Elegant, Patina & DecoupageDimensions: 46x100x46Weight: 7000gr..

Country Bouffe

Country bouffe with patinaDimensions: 103x100x50..

Country Chairs

Set of 2 patina chairs with decoupage detailsDimensions: 40x100x43Weight: 5200gr./1..

Country Dresser

Hand painded vitrine with decoupage detailsDimensions: 150x122x27..

Country Kitchen Cabinet

Country kitchen cabinet with patinaDimensions: 64x75x55..

Decorative Cutting Board

Decorative Wooden BoardDimensions: 21x40Weight: 280gr...

Decorative Cutting Board

Hand painted decorative cutting boardDimensions: 60x70Weight: 2500gr...

Decorative Cutting Board

Decorative wooden board CokeDimensions: 21x40Weight: 280gr...