Country Furniture

Country Furniture
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Country Wardrobe

Wardrobe, pine, Central EuropeDimensions: 125x192x5..

870.00€ Ex Tax: 701.61€

Country Writing Desk

Country writing table, pine wood, Central EuropeDimensions: 120x80x60..

1,240.00€ Ex Tax: 1,000.00€

Green Kitchen Cabinet

Vintage Patina Kitchen Cabinet with Glass DoorsCentral EuropeDimensions: 130x57x174..

760.00€ Ex Tax: 612.90€

Grey Patina Country Vitrine

Grey Patina Country VitrinePine Wood, HungaryDimensions: 63x178x37..

530.00€ Ex Tax: 427.42€


Country Vintage Wall HangerDimensions: 70x23x10..

95.00€ Ex Tax: 76.61€

Kitchen Cabinet

Country kitchen cabinet, pine, Central EuropeDimensions: 100x172x54..

680.00€ Ex Tax: 548.39€

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet, pine wood, Central EuropeDimensions: 100x173x53..

1,220.00€ Ex Tax: 983.87€

Painted Wall Bracket

Carved Wood Painted Wall BracketDimensions: 48x40x49..

110.00€ Ex Tax: 88.71€

Rustique Bar Stool

Rustic bar stool,pine metal,Central EuropeDimensions: 40x96x40..

240.00€ Ex Tax: 193.55€

Set of 2 Vintage Stools

Set of 2 Vintage StoolsPatina, Central Europe, 1900sDimensions: 36x36x45..

180.00€ Ex Tax: 145.16€

Small Vintage Side Table New

Small Vintage Side Table

Small Vintage Side Table, HungaryPine, Original PatinaDimensions: 80x50x50cm..

150.00€ Ex Tax: 120.97€

Small Wooden Stool New

Small Wooden Stool

Antique  Pine Wooden Stool, Hungary, 19th CDimensions: 43x29x20cm..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 36.29€

Tall Vintage Bookcase New

Tall Vintage Bookcase

Tall Vintage Bookcase, HungaryPine & Patina PaintDimensions: 200x70x37..

530.00€ Ex Tax: 427.42€

Vintage Country Stepladder-Shelve New

Vintage Country Stepladder-Shelve

Vintage Country Stepladder-ShelvePine, original patina, HungaryDimensions: 110x158x44..

270.00€ Ex Tax: 217.74€

Vintage Country Stool

Vintage Country StoolPatina,  "Fresh Lemons"Dimensions: 40x40x66..

125.00€ Ex Tax: 100.81€