Country Antiques

Country Antiques
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Antique Bar Stool

Wooden bar stool,pine wood ,BelgiumDimensions: 36x80x36Weight: 4900gr...

170.00€ Ex Tax: 137.10€

Antique Butcher Block

Butcher’s block,Central EuropeDimensions: 55x74x55..

540.00€ Ex Tax: 435.48€

Antique Cabinet

Chest of drawers, Central EuropeDimensions: 135x13x68..

1,400.00€ Ex Tax: 1,129.03€

Antique Carpentry Table

Vintage carpenter’s table,Central EuropeDimensions: 130x82x62..

750.00€ Ex Tax: 604.84€

Antique Chair

Country armchair with rattan seat,Central EuropeDimensions: 61x91x46Weight: 6000gr...

390.00€ Ex Tax: 314.52€

Antique Chair Set

Set of 4 hand painted chairs,Central EuropeDimensions: 40x95x40Weight: 3500gr./1..

710.00€ Ex Tax: 572.58€

Antique Country Kitchen Cabinet

Antique Country Kitchen CabinetPine and Original Patina, HungaryDimensions: 100x80x80..

325.00€ Ex Tax: 262.10€

Antique Cupboard

Antique Cupboard, Spain 17th C.Made of Oak TrunkDimensions: 177x52x44..

1,630.00€ Ex Tax: 1,314.52€

Antique Dresser

Grey etagere,pine wood, Central EuropeDimensions: 100x155x45..

950.00€ Ex Tax: 766.13€

Antique Dresser

Hand painted country chest, Central EuropeDimensions: 100x120x52..

1,240.00€ Ex Tax: 1,000.00€

Antique Kitchen Cabinet

Country Pine Kitchen Cabinet, Hungary 1900Dimensions: 83x180x36..

480.00€ Ex Tax: 387.10€

Antique Shelf

Country Green Patina Standing ShelfCentral EuropeDimensions: 110x126x32..

250.00€ Ex Tax: 201.61€

Antique Side Table

Rustic table,Central EuropeDimensions: 93x60x70..

570.00€ Ex Tax: 459.68€

Country Armchair

Rustic armchair,pine wood,Central EuropeDimensions: 66x95x50Weight: 9200gr...

220.00€ Ex Tax: 177.42€

Country Bar Stool

Country bar stool,Central EuropeDimensions: 43x100x40Weight: 4900gr...

160.00€ Ex Tax: 129.03€