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Advertising Board LEGENDS

Wooden advertising board,HollandDimensions: 54x38Weight: 2100gr...

75.00€ Ex Tax: 60.48€

Advertising Board OPTICIAN

Antique wooden advertising board,EnglandDimensions: 60x42Weight: 3000gr...

195.00€ Ex Tax: 157.26€

Advertising Board SCOTCH WHISKY

Advertising board, metalDimensions: 30x40Weight: 520gr...

35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.23€

Advertising Board THE SHIP'S TAVERN

Wooden advertising board,HollandDimensions: 40x60Weight: 2400gr...

60.00€ Ex Tax: 48.39€

Antique Lace Panel MEDIEVAL

Antique lace in a frame, Belgium 19th Dimensions: 105x32Weight: 2000gr...

305.00€ Ex Tax: 245.97€

Antique Oil Painting

Antique Oil Painting, England, 19th CA Family with a DogDimensions: 80x53..

570.00€ Ex Tax: 459.68€

Antique Oil Painting A GIRL WITHE A HORSE

Antique oil painting,England 19thDimensions: 91x53Weight: 4400gr...

560.00€ Ex Tax: 451.61€

Antique Oil Painting GIRL IN BLUE

Antique oil painting,England 19thDimensions: 54x70Weight: 4400gr...

580.00€ Ex Tax: 467.74€

Antique Oil Painting MADONNA

Hand painted icon of Madonna, Peru CuscoDimensions: 46x66Weight: 1000gr...

280.00€ Ex Tax: 225.81€

Antique Oil Painting NEWMARKET

Antique oil painting,England 19thDimensions: 61x50Weight: 3500gr...

580.00€ Ex Tax: 467.74€

Antique Print

Antique print,England 19thDimensions: 52x43Weight: 1400gr...

240.00€ Ex Tax: 193.55€

Antique Print

Antique print, football, England 19thDimensions: 38x28Weight: 700gr...

130.00€ Ex Tax: 104.84€

Antique Print

Antique print, England 19thDimensions: 87x68Weight: 4000gr...

220.00€ Ex Tax: 177.42€

Antique Print

Antique print, England 19thDimensions: 37x29Weight: 600gr...

95.00€ Ex Tax: 76.61€

Antique Print

Antique print of GREECE of 1620 ,England 19thDimensions: 77x67Weight: 4200gr...

880.00€ Ex Tax: 709.68€