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Antique Hooks

Tuscan well hooks,Italy GRAFFIODimensions: 41x15Weight: 1600gr...

Antique Ice Bucket

S/plated ice bucket,England 19th centuryDimensions: 18x17Weight: 1.400gr...

Antique Inkwell

S/plated inkwell,ItalyDimensions: 18x13x5Weight: 500gr...

Antique Italian (Tuscan) Coffee Grinder

A very beautiful 19th C Tuscan coffee grinder, made of wood with intact brass details. In perfect co..

Antique Jeweller’s Tool

Vintage jeweller’s tool,Italy TuscanyDimensions: 80x13Weight: 1500gr...

Antique Ladder

Victorian step ladder, England 19thDimensions: 42x197x83..

Antique Ladder

Wooden step ladder,Belgium 1900Dimensions: 53x197..

Antique Ladder

Large patina step ladder,France 19thDimensions: 45x250x35..

Antique Ladder

Vintage boat ladder,England 19th Dimensions: 40x80x26Weight: 5200gr...

Antique Ladder

Wooden ladder,England 1900Dimensions: 4x180..

Antique Ladies’ Set

Lady’s set,silver and ivory,Italy 1880Dimensions: 10x6,5,8x5,5Weight: 90gr...

Antique Lady’s Brush

Silver lady brush, Victorian EnglandDimensions: 17x5x4Weight: 80gr...

Antique Lady’s Mirror

Silver lady’s mirror,England 1900Dimensions: 28x15Weight: 280gr...

Antique Letter Box, Great Britain, 1900s

This is a beautiful Victorian handmade leather letter box.The side-spine  is decorated in embos..

Antique Letter Case

Letter case s/plated and bronze,Frnce 19th centuryDimensions: 15x2x2Weight: 25gr...