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Antique Pot

Copper pot with stand, Central EuropeDimensions: 60x53x28Weight: 5200gr...

120.00€ Ex Tax: 96.77€

Antique Pot

Βrass pan with handles,EnglandDimensions: 40x10x32Weight: 2800gr...

195.00€ Ex Tax: 157.26€

Antique Potato Masher

Antique potato masher,Central EuropeDimensions: 52x54x22Weight: 2900gr...

150.00€ Ex Tax: 120.97€

Antique Powder Jar

Powder jar, silver and crystal, Birmingham, 1907Dimensions: 6x5Weight: 108gr...

160.00€ Ex Tax: 129.03€

Antique Powder Jar

Silver and cut glass powder jar,EnglandDimensions: 15x10,5Weight: 550gr...

250.00€ Ex Tax: 201.61€

Antique Punch Set

Edinburgh crystal bowl with 6 glasses,punch setDimensions: 28x28Weight: 6.800gr...

2,940.00€ Ex Tax: 2,370.97€

Antique Radiator Cover

Cast iron radiator cover,England Dimensions: 146x95x50..

2,970.00€ Ex Tax: 2,395.16€

Antique Safe Box

Military strong box, Italy, Tuscany, 18th centuryDimensions: 50x25x31Weight: 20600gr...

1,600.00€ Ex Tax: 1,290.32€

Antique Safe Box, England 1900s -41%

Antique Safe Box, England 1900s

Black metal safety box.Original metal safety box, strong box/cash boxHand painted, with initials VR ..

710.00€ 420.00€ Ex Tax: 338.71€

Antique Saw

Iron saw, Central EuropeDimensions: 86x26Weight: 800gr...

90.00€ Ex Tax: 72.58€

Antique Saw

Iron saw, Central EuropeDimensions: 107x42Weight: 1000gr...

60.00€ Ex Tax: 48.39€

Antique Scale

Large cast iron weighting scales,Italy Tuscany 18th Dimensions: 75x75Weight: 8000gr...

390.00€ Ex Tax: 314.52€

Antique Scale

Very large cast iron weighting scales,Italy TuscanyDimensions: 75x5Weight: 5000gr...

360.00€ Ex Tax: 290.32€

Antique Scale -43%

Antique Scale

Vintage weighting scales, EnglandDimensions: 57x57x36Weight: 5000gr...

440.00€ 250.00€ Ex Tax: 201.61€

Antique Scale

Tuscany kitchen weighting scales,ItalyDimensions: 107x50Weight: 6400gr...

700.00€ Ex Tax: 564.52€