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Vintage Hanger

Wooden Victorian hanger,EnglandDimensions: 47x110x25Weight: 3000gr...

240.00€ Ex Tax: 193.55€

Vintage Milk Bottles Crate

Vintage Milk Bottles CratePatina, "Fresh Lemons", Central Europe, 1900sDimensions: 60x24x11..

65.00€ Ex Tax: 52.42€

Vintage SCHAEFER Tool Box

Vintage SCHAEFER Tool BoxDimensions: 37x20x21..

36.00€ Ex Tax: 29.03€

Vintage Sieve

Vintage Sieve, Central Europe, 1900sDimensions: 22x11Weight: 260gr...

40.00€ Ex Tax: 32.26€

Vintage Tea Caddy, Great Britain,1900s

This is a vintage ships tin tea caddy.Its hand painted and has a logo "Son of the Seas" under the pi..

435.00€ Ex Tax: 350.81€

Vintage Tea Caddy,Great Britain 1900s

Hand painted tea urn, Great Britain, 1900Dimensions: 21x32Weight: 1150gr...

230.00€ Ex Tax: 185.48€

Vintage Tea Urn

Hand painted tea urn, England, 1900Dimensions: 32x54x38Weight: 4000gr...

350.00€ Ex Tax: 282.26€

Vintage Tea Urn

Vintage Tea Urn, hand painted, England 1900Dimensions: 21x32Weight: 1.100gr...

230.00€ Ex Tax: 185.48€

Vintage Tea Urn

Hand panted tea urn,England 1900Dimensions: 22x45Weight: 1540gr...

435.00€ Ex Tax: 350.81€

Αntique Bucket

Silver/copper/alpaca berber bucket,MoroccoDimensions: 20x20Weight: 1.750gr...

440.00€ Ex Tax: 354.84€