Household Items

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Hand Painted Vintage PIG Shovel New

Hand Painted Vintage PIG Shovel

Hand Painted Vintage PIG ShovelDimensions: 145x26..

Hand Painted Watering Can

Hand painted watering can, EnglandDimensions: 50x36x25cmWeight: 1400gr...

Hand Painted Watering Can

Watering Can, TULIP, hand painted, England, vintageDimensions: 52x37x26cmWeight: 950gr...

Knife Rack

Tuscany country knife rack,Italy 1890 MOLADimensions: 62x26x40Weight: 10000gr...

Late 19th Century Peugeot Freres Brevetes S.G.D.G. Coffee Grinder

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Metal Bucket

Hand made coat of arms tin bucket with lid, England 1900Dimensions: 36x43Weight: 2800gr...

Metal Mortar

Wooden mortar with iron pestle,Central EuropeDimensions: 12x70Weight: 4100gr...

Pair of Antique Candlesticks

Pair of Antique CandlesticksChinese Porcelain 1900's Fruit Enamel CandlesticksDimensions: 9x24..

Set of Limoges Plates

Set of Limoges Plates6  Dinner Plates with Fish  Design  by Haviland  LimogesDim..

Silver Napkin Ring, London1930ies

Silver Napkin Ring, London1930iesDimensions: 5x2,5x3Weight: 29gr...

Small Hand Painted Trunk

Small Hand Painted TrunkVintage,Central EuropeDimensions: 43x27x25..

Tomato Press

Tomato press, Central EuropeDimensions: 46x40x25Weight: 7000gr...

Toy Pram

Τoy pram,Central EuropeDimensions: 75x76x42Weight: 4600gr...

Victorian Barometer, England, 1900s

 Antique carved oak aneroid banjo barometer and thermometer.This wonderful piece is marked in F..

Victorian Antique Bronze Candlestick Set

Set of bronze candlesticks,EnglandDimensions: 6,5x15Weight: 488gr...