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Antique Washtub with Stand

Wash tub and stand,Central EuropeDimensions: 105x80x50..

Antique Washtub with Stand

Large wash tub with stand, Central EuropeDimensions: 200x90x77..

Antique Wheel Barrow

Hand painted patina wheel barrow,England 1900Dimensions: 98x35x30Weight: 3100gr...

Antique Wine Jug

Pewter and glass wine jug,AustriaDimensions: 20x23x11Weight: 1150gr...

Antique Wine Jug

S/plated Victorian claret jug,EnglandDimensions: 16x24Weight: 450gr...

Antique Wine Jug

S/Plated wine jug, EnglandDimensions: 17x21Weight: 500gr...

Antique Wooden Bowl

Antique Wooden BowlVintage, HungaryDimensions: 62x15x23..

Antique Wool Winder

Wooden wool winder,EnglandDimensions: 130x18Weight: 850gr...

Cast Iron Egg Pan

Cast Iron Egg Pan, with EnamelVintage,HungaryDimensions: 40x27..

Cheese Press

Wooden cheese press, Central EuropeDimensions: 96x90x30Weight: 14000gr...

Cheese Press

Small cheese press,Central EuropeDimensions: 50x80x21Weight: 13000gr...

Cheese Wedge

Cheese Wedge "Spring Chintz"Dimensions: 18x14x10..

Decorative Bucket

Leather bucket with coat of arms pattern,England 1900Dimensions: 45x43Weight: 2300gr...

Decorative Cutting Board, Italy,1900s

Decorative (shop window, restaurant) kitchen cutting board with all the utensils intact, Rotunda bre..

Fire Arms Set

Fire arm set 3 pcs with base,brass,England 19th Dimensions: 25x80Weight: 5800gr...