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Antique French Candle Holder -52%

Antique French Candle Holder

Antique French Candle HolderBronze with 6 CandlesDimensions: 56x35x20..

690.00€ 330.00€ Ex Tax: 266.13€

Antique Fruit Cutlery Set

S/plated and gilt cutlery set for fruits,Austria 19th centuryDimensions: 26x4x17Weight: 710gr...

230.00€ Ex Tax: 185.48€

Antique Ice Bucket -46%

Antique Ice Bucket

S/plated ice bucket, England 19th centuryDimensions: 18x17Weight: 1.400gr...

710.00€ 385.00€ Ex Tax: 310.48€

Antique Italian (Tuscan) Coffee Grinder

A very beautiful 19th C Tuscan coffee grinder, made of wood with intact brass details. In perfect co..

1,270.00€ Ex Tax: 1,024.19€

Antique Liquor Set

Set of 2 silver liquor decanters ,EnglandDimensions: 7x19x5,7Weight: 880gr...

440.00€ Ex Tax: 354.84€

Antique Measuring Tool

Antique measurment tool,Italy TuscanyDimensions: 24x16Weight: 4500gr...

75.00€ Ex Tax: 60.48€

Antique Pharmacy Scale

Pharmacy weight, ItalyDimensions: 33x29Weight: 500gr...

340.00€ Ex Tax: 274.19€

Antique Post Box

Royal Mussolini post box,Italy 1923Dimensions: 33x53x16Weight: 16000gr...

440.00€ Ex Tax: 354.84€

Antique Punch Set

Edinburgh crystal bowl with 6 glasses,punch setDimensions: 28x28Weight: 6.800gr...

2,940.00€ Ex Tax: 2,370.97€

Antique Tea Urn

Small metal tea urn, England 19th C.Dimensions: 45x63Weight: 4900gr...

195.00€ Ex Tax: 157.26€

Antique Umbrella Stand

Hand painted tall umbrella bucket,EnglandDimensions: 27x40Weight: 1300gr...

140.00€ Ex Tax: 112.90€

Antique Victorian English Letter Case

Wooden and bronze Victorian letter case, EnglandDimensions: 13x30Weight: 300gr...

280.00€ Ex Tax: 225.81€

Antique Victorian Sewing Set

Wooden sewing tubes, England 19th centuryDimensions: 3x9Weight: 40gr...

480.00€ Ex Tax: 387.10€

Antique Wine Jug -39%

Antique Wine Jug

S/Plated wine jug, EnglandDimensions: 17x21Weight: 500gr...

180.00€ 110.00€ Ex Tax: 88.71€

Antique Wine Jug

Pewter and glass wine jug,AustriaDimensions: 20x23x11Weight: 1150gr...

220.00€ Ex Tax: 177.42€