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Antique Folding Glasses

Silver, gilted, folding women spectacles, France 1838-1860Dimensions: 6,5Weight: 10gr...

525.00€ Ex Tax: 423.39€

Antique French Beaded Bag with Chain Handle

This is a wonderful french beaded hand bag - purse. There is floral hand embroidered design on the s..

405.00€ Ex Tax: 326.61€

Antique Ladies’ Set

Lady’s set,silver and ivory,Italy 1880Dimensions: 10x6,5,8x5,5Weight: 90gr...

620.00€ Ex Tax: 500.00€

Antique Lady’s Brush

Silver lady brush, Victorian EnglandDimensions: 17x5x4Weight: 80gr...

285.00€ Ex Tax: 229.84€

Antique Shop Window Dummy

‘’Gardening supplies’’ mannequin, EnglandDimensions: 38x145x38Weight: 3700gr...

1,040.00€ Ex Tax: 838.71€

Antique Shop Window Dummy

Child’s sailor suit mannequin, England 1900Dimensions: 20x92Weight: 5700gr...

1,060.00€ Ex Tax: 854.84€

Antique Shop Window Dummy

Hand painted brown “cycling” dummy,England 19th centuryDimensions: 41x136x41Weight: 4100gr...

930.00€ Ex Tax: 750.00€

Framed Antique Fan

Ηand painted fan,Canton China 19th centuryDimensions: 62x38x5Weight: 1.550gr...

290.00€ Ex Tax: 233.87€

Vintage Art Deco Beaded Bag

Vintage Art Deco Beaded Bag. The bag has been made in France, and is in a great condition. Dimension..

240.00€ Ex Tax: 193.55€

Vintage Silver Repousse Hairbrush by William Benjamin Broadway, Birmingham

Vintage Silver Repousse Hairbrush by William Benjamin Broadway, Birmingham Dimensions: L23(9")xW8(3...

285.00€ Ex Tax: 229.84€

Vintage Trifari Brooch

This is a vintage Trifari brooch, in shape of a shell. Dimensions: L4.3(1.6")x5.4(2.1") Weight: 20.6..

170.00€ Ex Tax: 137.10€

Antique Boots

Leather boots with wooden trees, England 1900Dimensions: 30x51x13Weight: 6700gr...

90.00€ Ex Tax: 72.58€

Antique Fan

Hand Fan, handmade, France, 19th C.Dimensions: 50x28..

600.00€ Ex Tax: 483.87€

Antique Folding Glasses

Lorgnette spectacles, France 1900Dimensions: 12x4Weight: 20gr...

70.00€ Ex Tax: 56.45€

Antique Hand Bag

GLADSTONE bag  with wooden stand,England, 1920iesDimensions: 90x30x38Weight: 9100gr...

900.00€ Ex Tax: 725.81€