Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture
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Vintage Trunk

Oak chest with brass details,England 19th Dimensions: 90x65x61..

1,060.00€ Ex Tax: 854.84€

Vintage Trunk

Venetian hand painted trunk ,Italy Venice 19th Dimensions: 143x86x65..

2,100.00€ Ex Tax: 1,693.55€

Vintage Trunk

Hand painted trunk, Central EuropeDimensions: 127x70x63..

840.00€ Ex Tax: 677.42€

Αntique Bench

Antique Handpainted BenchItaly,  Tuscany 1800sDimensions: 120x100x34..

1,200.00€ Ex Tax: 967.74€

Αntique Dresser

Handpainted wooden vitrine, pine wood, BelgiumDimensions: 110x190x47..

1,300.00€ Ex Tax: 1,048.39€

Αntique Dresser

Oak vitrine with glass doors,England 19thDimensions: 102x180x28..

730.00€ Ex Tax: 588.71€

Αntique Stool

Victorian stool with a toilet,England 19th Dimensions: 47x43x43Weight: 9000gr...

140.00€ Ex Tax: 112.90€

Αntique Stool

Oak carved stool, England 19thDimensions: 50x45x33..

480.00€ Ex Tax: 387.10€

Αntique Stool

Tuscany stool with toilet,pine ,Italy TuscanyDimensions: 35x47x55Weight: 8500gr...

295.00€ Ex Tax: 237.90€

Αntique Vitrine

Edwardian wall hanging display vitrine, mahogany, England 19th CDimensions: 72x62x33..

510.00€ Ex Tax: 411.29€