Tables / Desks

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Antique Bureau

Antique Leather Covered BureauAnglo-Portuguese, circa 1920Dimensions: 60x108x42..

5,340.00€ Ex Tax: 4,306.45€

Antique Console -30%

Antique Console

Gilted console LOUI XV design with marble on top and floral legs, rococo pattern, Spain 1820Dimensio..

1,240.00€ 870.00€ Ex Tax: 701.61€

Antique Console

Walnut console,BelgiumDimensions: 121x78x49..

590.00€ Ex Tax: 475.81€

Antique Console -50%

Antique Console

Mahogany console,EnglandDimensions: 107x87x54..

1,070.00€ 535.00€ Ex Tax: 431.45€

Antique Dressing Table -50%

Antique Dressing Table

Ηand painted dressing table with opening mirror, BrazilDimensions: 140x80x52..

1,990.00€ 990.00€ Ex Tax: 798.39€

Antique Secrétaire Desk -39%

Antique Secrétaire Desk

Oak bureau,England 19thDimensions: 75x95x40..

680.00€ 415.00€ Ex Tax: 334.68€

Antique Secrétaire Desk -50%

Antique Secrétaire Desk

Georgian IV mahogany bureau,EnglandDimensions: 77x95x46..

2,130.00€ 1,070.00€ Ex Tax: 862.90€

Antique Side Table -50%

Antique Side Table

Hand painted Victorian table,EnglandDimensions: 54x68x36Weight: 2500gr...

595.00€ 295.00€ Ex Tax: 237.90€

Antique Side Table

Rosewood oval side table with opening sides,BelgiumDimensions: 54x74x72..

440.00€ Ex Tax: 354.84€

Antique Side Table

Walnut side table,BelgiumDimensions: 93x77x93..

870.00€ Ex Tax: 701.61€

Antique Table -50%

Antique Table

Backgammon play table, walnut wood,Belgium 19thDimensions: 120x72x83..

2,230.00€ 1,115.00€ Ex Tax: 899.19€

Antique Writing Desk

Mahogany desk with red leather inlay ,England 1850Dimensions: 120x75x55..

1,750.00€ Ex Tax: 1,411.29€

Antique Writing Desk -50%

Antique Writing Desk

Roll top desk,oak wood,USA 1920Dimensions: 120x115x75..

3,480.00€ 1,750.00€ Ex Tax: 1,411.29€

Antique Writing Desk

Walnut writing desk,BelgiumDimensions: 125x75x76..

620.00€ Ex Tax: 500.00€

Antique Writing Desk

Leather writing desk,Holland 1880Dimensions: 136x82x64..

2,720.00€ Ex Tax: 2,193.55€