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Antique Bedside Tables -41%

Antique Bedside Tables

Set of 2 olive wood Italian night stands,North Italy 1860Dimensions: 55x74x40..

1,860.00€ 1,090.00€ Ex Tax: 879.03€

Antique Cabinet -42%

Antique Cabinet

Mongolian cabinet,Mongolia 1900Dimensions: 106x103x50..

1,750.00€ 1,020.00€ Ex Tax: 822.58€

Antique Cherry Wood Dresser -42%

Antique Cherry Wood Dresser

Antique Cherry Wood DresserFrance, 1750Dimensions: 120x215x57..

5,090.00€ 2,970.00€ Ex Tax: 2,395.16€

Antique Chest

Chest with brass details,Korea 19th Dimensions: 110x146x52..

2,100.00€ Ex Tax: 1,693.55€

Antique Commode "ΒOULLE"

Olive wood commode, North Italy, 1850-70Dimensions: 115x84x55..

2,900.00€ Ex Tax: 2,338.71€

Antique Country Wardrobe

Antique Country Wardrobe, pine woodCentral EuropeDimensions: 120x55x174..

725.00€ Ex Tax: 584.68€

Antique Cupboard

Antique Cupboard, Spain 17th C.Made of Oak TrunkDimensions: 177x52x44..

1,320.00€ Ex Tax: 1,064.52€

Antique Cupboard -42%

Antique Cupboard

Corner hanging mahogany shelf with glass,England 19thDimensions: 72x62x33..

450.00€ 260.00€ Ex Tax: 209.68€

Antique Cupboard

Oak hanging cupboard, France 19th C.Dimensions: 72x77x23..

540.00€ Ex Tax: 435.48€

Antique Dresser -41%

Antique Dresser

Walnut dresser, France, 1820-50Dimensions: 122x188x48..

1,390.00€ 820.00€ Ex Tax: 661.29€

Antique Dresser

Grey etagere,pine wood, Central EuropeDimensions: 100x155x45..

850.00€ Ex Tax: 685.48€

Antique Dresser

Hand painted country chest, Central EuropeDimensions: 100x120x52..

990.00€ Ex Tax: 798.39€

Antique Dresser

Hand painted dresser,2 drawers one door,jacaranda wood,BrazilDimensions: 117x100x60..

1,500.00€ Ex Tax: 1,209.68€

Antique Dresser

Hand painted dresser, 2 drawers one door, jacaranda wood, BrazilDimensions: 117x100x60..

1,500.00€ Ex Tax: 1,209.68€

Antique Kitchen Cabinet -34%

Antique Kitchen Cabinet

Country Pine Kitchen Cabinet, Hungary 1900Dimensions: 83x180x36..

480.00€ 315.00€ Ex Tax: 254.03€