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Antique Chair

Bath chair,EnglandDimensions: 52x92x50..

1,070.00€ Ex Tax: 862.90€

Antique Chair

Antique Chair with leather embroidery and  wheels in frontDimensions: 47x92x42Weight: 9100gr./1..

195.00€ Ex Tax: 157.26€

Antique Chair

Gothic style chair,EnglandDimensions: 33x95x42Weight: 6500gr...

175.00€ Ex Tax: 141.13€

Antique Chair

Hand painted country chair,acazu wood,France 18th Dimensions: 47x85x33Weight: 5500gr...

330.00€ Ex Tax: 266.13€

Antique Chair

Monastery armchair converting to table,velvet,Spain 19thDimensions: 60x146x63..

1,615.00€ Ex Tax: 1,302.42€

Antique Chair

Hand painted patina chair ,oak,England VictorianDimensions: 57x110x50Weight: 7700gr...

670.00€ Ex Tax: 540.32€

Antique Chair

Teddy painted chair,EnglandDimensions: 34x84x36Weight: 4100gr...

295.00€ Ex Tax: 237.90€

Antique Chair

Victorian hall chair,EnglandDimensions: 39x83x36Weight: 2500gr...

80.00€ Ex Tax: 64.52€

Antique Chair Set

Set of gothic style chairs with velvet uphols,EnglandDimensions: 52x121x50Weight: 12000gr./1..

2,410.00€ Ex Tax: 1,943.55€

Antique Chairs

Set of 8 mahogany/leather dinning chairs,England 1910Dimensions: 61x115x47Weight: 4700gr./1..

3,920.00€ Ex Tax: 3,161.29€

Antique Chairs

Set of 6 walnut dinning chairs, France, 1860Dimensions: 45x110x40Weight: 5500g./1..

4,270.00€ Ex Tax: 3,443.55€

Antique Chairs

Set of 2 hall chairs carved,Victorian,EnglandDimensions: 50x95x45Weight: 5700gr...

790.00€ Ex Tax: 637.10€

Antique Chairs

Set of 2 hall chairs, patina, France, 1820Dimensions: 40x90x40Weight: 4000gr./1..

890.00€ Ex Tax: 717.74€

Antique Chairs, Set of 2

Set of 2 oak chairs with heavy carving, velvet upholstery, England 19th C.Dimensions: 44x110x42Weigh..

750.00€ Ex Tax: 604.84€

Antique Child’s Feeding Chair

Child’s feeding chair,England VictorianDimensions: 37x100x60..

1,020.00€ Ex Tax: 822.58€